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"Are There Fees And Are Your Armchair Fees Fully Inclusive?

armchair property investments fees and other questions
Fees DO NOT apply to Joint Venture Partners, which is the majority of our business, however fees are required for single investments due to the amount of work that we undertake for individual clients and legal charges which are part of any property transaction. All properties are sourced 'to instruction' and once you register as an armchair investor we discuss your unique property investment strategy and compile a detailed list of your property requirements.

As an investor however, you should ensure 'whatever company you deal with' that their costs are also fully-inclusive, or it could be a very costly exercise indeed.

Experienced armchair investors know the cost of buying an investment property is often more than the 'sale price', however others, mainly new investors discover this too late to their cost. Therefore before you buy any property make absolutely certain what is, and what is not included in the 'price' as there are multiple purchase costs involved in buying a property.

Buy to let mortgages should you need one, require a 20%/25% deposit. Outside of this you must ask ... are the broker fees included for arranging your mortgage? Is the mortage survey fee included? Are your legal fees included? Are any administration fees included for managing the sale and purchase? Is a property finders fees included? Is their any rental guarantee?
And do not forget VAT ... is VAT included?

If any of these, or any other costs are not included in the 'sale price' but hidden away in the contract small print ... they could add hundreds or even thousands of pounds to your purchase price.

Also ... be very aware when you purchase your property there could still be another big 'hidden' cost that could add 1,000's to your true outlay. Never overlook what the cost will be to bring your property up to a 'ready to sell or rent' condition.
It is the reason 'for most property investors' why you're buying in the first place right?.

If you don't ask specific questions about the condition of a property ... or have the opportunity to view before purchase ... you could be in for a costly shock if your letting agent then tells you that the property needs major or even minor refurbishment before it is suitable to rent. "DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP" - ASK THESE QUESTIONS! - CLICK HERE NOW.

Our Armchair investment partners do not have these concerns. We offer property in guaranteed 'ready to sell or rent' condition and any refurbishment such as new carpets, painting and even major refurbishment or repairs are carried out. That means you know exactly what your total investment is before you purchase.

ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS have a fixed fee structure which applies to all Armchair properties of any valuation.
You pay a 25% deposit and your total additional purchase costs are fixed at 4,985.
That means you know from 'Day 1' exactly what your total investment will be

Your initial fee to register as an Armchair Investor is just £485.

How Do I Pay The Armchair Investment Fees?

armchair property investments fees and other questions

We set out to make property purchasing transparent and fair and the same applies to our fees. To give our clients peace of mind these fees are also paid in three stages and we offer a 100% fully refundable guarantee of the initial registration fee if you are not satisfied with our service prior to accepting a property or you are unable to obtain a buy to let mortgage, if you require one.

To purchase an armchair property investments property you pay a 20/25% deposit based on the current RICS valuation plus total purchase fees of 4,985.

..........These are the 3 fee payment stages:

..........1.       485             To register as an Armchair Investor

........... .2.       4,500         After mortgage survey of an Armchair Property

......... 3.       25% Deposit   Immediately prior to property completion

These fees are required because of the amount of work that we undertake for individual clients and legal fees charges which are part of any property transaction. All of our properties are sourced 'to instruction' and once you register as an Armchair investor we discuss your property investment strategy and compile a detailed list of your property requirements.

Our £4,985 sourcing fee includes 'all of your purchase costs' i.e. mortgage broker fees, valuation fee, legal fees and disbursements, purchase administration fees and our finders fee.

These fees normally amount to c£2,500 which means our sourcing fee is actually only c£2,495 and your cash investment to buy a £75,000 property is just £19,985. 

We would normally expect to source and offer you a property within four weeks.

When you are offered a property you will receive very comprehensive details view property examples by clicking but you are under no obligation to accept a property. If you 'pass' we will continue to source and offer property until you are 100% confident to proceed to purchase.

If you accept a property we will set the steps in motion, you will then talk to our broker to arrange a mortgage.

If you receive a DIP (decision in principle) from the Lender the property will proceed to valuation by a RICS valuer selected by your Lender.

If you are satisfied with the valuation report - and decide to proceed to purchase - it is then that you pay the fee balance of 4,500 and the property will then proceed to completion.

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Please Note: Property investment is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority and ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS are not an FSA regulated company.  The information on this website does not constitute professional advice and property examples and related monetary figures are for example purposes only.  We strongly advise you to get professional financial and legal advice before making any investment decisions.