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"What do I need 'To Profit' from Property?
Our Joint Venture Armchair Investments
Should Answer Your Questions!"

People know property investments are among the 'only ways' to become financially independent, they now realise professional partners are required and television shows like
Homes Under The Hammer "are not" the way to make this a reality.

(Q) ... I don't know the area, is the property a good investment?

(Q) ... The property needs decorative, or even structural work?

(Q) ... How will I find contractors to do work needed before it can rent?

(Q) ... I spend money on refurbishment work and I get a sub standard job?

(Q) ... It turns out the property is in an area where rental demand is low?

(Q) ... I get quoted a rental and its actually higher than I can achieve?

(Q) ... I can't find a tenant?

(Q) ... I have a problem tenant and I live miles away?

(Q) ... I can't find a lettings company or property management partner?

We know the above are questions most investors have especially when the property offered is in an area many miles away from where you live. If you are interested in investing in an area you don't know, then you need to form a partnership with a professional who does. There are four very important parts to ensuring that your investments are profitable.
1) You need a sourcing partner, 2) You need a refurbishment partner, 3) You need a rental partner, or a sales partner.
*What better than (4 IN 1) an experienced builder, who buys at 30%+ BMV, carry out works, can sell or let property?

ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™ armchair investing or armchair property investments deliver substantial profits for cash rich, time poor clients. Armchair investments are joint venture partnerships offering investors who may not have experience, the opportunity for property profit in any economic climate. We buy, refurb and sell or build property portfolios for our clients.
We purchase developments, distressed portfolios and investment land, to create property profits for our partners.

We invest in the West of Scotland, even though a large percentage of our joint venture property investors do not live within 400 miles of the West of Scotland.  In fact the majority reside in the South, in London and the Home Counties, international clients are also building Scottish property investment portfolios. To find out WHY - CLICK HERE

WHY? because low price (£50k to under £150K), high yielding, 2/3 bed apartments and houses that buy-to-let investors prefer are just not available at these kind of prices in the South.  That means investing in Scotland is a very attractive option, if you want to maximise the number of properties you can buy, with the property investment fund that you may have available.

Discount property prices, reduced interest rates and with rental demand strong and getting stronger ... its no wonder many experienced and new property investors believe there has never been a better time to invest in Scottish property.

SO ... by all means consider the QUESTIONS above ... then get involved and create your own dynamic property wealth.

At Armchair investments we work with clients, to buy and sell property for profit, or build cash-flowing property portfolios. We've tried to answer the questions and believe if you continue to read this page you'll have a good understanding of not only requirement but of the substantial financial benefits. " ...Our Armchair Property Investment service is a unique partnership".

Do not let a "WHAT IF" mindset stop you benefitting from this profound shift in the property market.
Armchair property investments in bricks and mortar is one of the most surefire ways to create profits and wealth.

90% of all millionaires became so through property investment. - Andrew Carnegie

armchair investor - alan
"28k return on a 3-bed
terrace after refurb work
and all done in 6 weeks!
Alan Robertson. Glasgow.

armchair investors - landj
"£2,950 rental profit
and £25,800 equity on our
first property investments with
Armchair Investments!"
Liz & Jack M. Paisley

armchair investor - annmarie
"my first property investors deal
so glad friends recommended
Ann Marie B. Surrey

To find out about our exciting NEW Local Housing Property Group Lettings Agency - READ ON!
We're opening our own
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ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™ is a property joint venture company developed by
Jim McIlroy aka The Armchair Investor, an ex-building company MD and Project Manager for property investment clients.  We are based in Surrey in England and Paisley in Scotland.

ARMCHAIR PROPERTY INVESTMENTS™ was established to expand our business services to property joint venture clients with the aim of providing a 'one-stop' personal portfolio building service from the initial sourcing of bmv property, (below market value) refurbishment and project management, through to completion of sales or full property management.

Our ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™ branded business is an extension of our already successful HOUSEPROS™ building services and is a direct result of 'client demand' for a service that would literally do everything to enable our investors to build a profitable property portfolio with the minimum time and effort ... while delivering exceptional ROI!

Our property joint ventures are residential or commercial properties and land sourced in Surrey and Scotland by experts who have in-depth property experience of their local areas. We offer highly professional and efficient services for both areas. We source discount properties via armchair investments and land for sale through our site at LAND HUNTERS

We source armchair property investments in areas we know intimately and can advise investors accordingly. We offer highly professional and efficient services to secure below market value, heavily discounted property and land for sale.

We deliver a full property brokering service, we secure properties from solicitors, banks, estate agents, auctioneers, mortgage brokers and provide Independent Financial Consultants who can advise our partners on property tax and related investment issues.

ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™ are recognised by client investors and a network of professional services in the property industry as a professional and reputable UK property sourcing, refurbishment and management company. Find out more TODAY - HERE
ARMCHAIR PROPERTY INVESTMENT PROJECTS continue to grow at pace as banks, stock and shares fail to deliver.
Recession and lower prices make property, historically the mainstay of UK wealth an even more attractive option.
However it is important that you use a buying agent who understands how to turn those purchases into profits!

our armchair investments property team

What Makes Your Armchair Investments Service Different?

What makes our ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™ different is a good question and an easy one to answer. An associate who has a portfolio of 400 properties and a successul letting agents asked; As you are master builders why don't you joint venture with clients to do what I'm doing.

When clients we asked said ... YES we want you to find us below market value properties, we want you to to do all the refurbishment work and we in return we will fund the projects for a 50/50 profit spilt. So ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™ was born, to deal exclusively with these kind of joint venture passive or armchair property investment partnerships.

We're also different because all too often property is sourced and offered not on the basis of 'is it right' for the investor but 'is it right' for the sourcing company. - THIS IS WRONG!!

Too many investors have been lured into buying high-value, city-centre apartments, off-plan developments, or other properties that are actually a high-risk for the investor ... but offer high-profits for the company. We want to change this kind of practice and provide a service geared towards fulfilling the needs of individual investors we partner with.

ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™ is a partnership, where everyone involved benefits from exclusive offerings. We believe we offer the most professional property investment service in the country, experienced property sourcers, experienced builders, experienced land planners, and experienced letting agents. Property is sourced via and a network of associates, land is sourced via and, work will be carried out by specialists builders via and various new websites we have planned will source more and more property deals for our partners.

We're proud to provide a truly 'personal investing service' with the experience required, based on a business ethic that is simple and transparent - "We will never ask our clients to invest in any property that we wouldn't invest in!".

our property investment teamWhat is a Joint Venture Property Investment?

Joint venture property investments are 'mutually beneficial' contracts between the various contractors and professionals that historically form the building blocks of almost all UK property developments. Joint venture developments are increasingly popular as banks fail to deliver and private investors seek new investment vehicles for profit by setting up partnerships with those who have property knowledge and experience of delivering profit from property.

The advantage of our ARMCHAIR INVESTMENT™ projects is that you have an expert building team as your partner, not a marketing company. A partner intent on high specifications but saving costs and pushing the project to completion to maximise profits. The industry standard for this type of venture is often a 50/50 profit share with 'armchair partner' putting up the cash and the 'development partner' supplying the trades and carrying out all of the work at cost.

*This will also help you to gain bank funding should you require it, to build your portfolio, as banks are understandably very keen to see an experienced developer on the team and will look favourably on any application where this is the case.

We source buy to let or resale property mainly in the valuation range £50K to £150k. Why? well because it is proven that this property will not only have a strong rental demand but it also has a strong purchase demand from first time buyers. 

Plus discount property in this valuation range additionally offers investors 'other benefits' including, lower mortgage payments and higher net-rental-yields, which of course combine to lower your investment risk and your exposure to rental voids.

At ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™ we work with our partners. We will ask you to specify property that meet your investment requirements ie. type of properties, valuations, aproximate age of properties, number of beds, minimum rental yield etc. We will then source that type of property exclusively for you. 

NOTICE: Before we begin to source property for you we always advise that in addition to talking to ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™ that you should discuss your investment strategy with an Independent Financial Adviser, or an experienced property investor.

You are under 'no obligation' to accept any property offered and you can 'pass' on any offer, we will source and offer you another property until such time as you are happy and ready to proceed to purchase and completion.

ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™ is in the business of 'creating partnerships' that work and 'long-term relationships' with like-minded people, for mutual profit in an ethical way. We complete the circle, we are the building partner bringing the services to complete any build project, enabling us and our joint venture partners to enjoy and create property wealth.

TIP: While buying a bmv property can be done in as little as 21 days this is just the beginning of your investment journey.  While some investors prefer to refurbish and sell, the real wealth in property is in 'buy and hold'. Your investment strategy should be a 5 to 10 year plan including 'many factors' such as geography, preference, age, income, available funds, retirement date, plus it should include holding, tenanting and managing properties for many years to come.

The above are the reasons why ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™ are different and our services excel. Armchair Property Investments strive to deliver substantial profits for investors. These are not supposedly under market value, so-called 'packaged deals' our services do not stop once you purchase. We buy at genuine BMV property backed by a full RICS valuation, we refurbish to enhance and provide more profit (and should you choose) we can tenant properties quickly, manage efficiently, minimise voids and maximise returns. Giving you a rental guarantee and provide full property management. HOW DO WE DO IT? - CLICK HERE

This is why investors agree ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS are a totally different property opportunity. The following section (while not our main business) explains how we can help "investors" or "first-time buyers" get on the property ladder.

ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™ is a true one-stop-shop, a unique property sourcing, refurbishment and sales service.
We find true BMV properties, we provide the trades to make sure that property investment is ready for sale or rent
... And then we help you build a Solid Property Portfolio.

Can I Actually Buy A Property For Less Than £20,000?

Investment Example
(for a single investor or 1st time buyer)
RICS Valuation £75,000  
You Buy At £60,000  
Instant Equity  £15,000  
75% Mortgage £45,000  
Deposit Required £15,000  
Our Sourcing Fee £4,985  
Total Investment £19,985  
Gross Rental £425pcm  
Mortgage 4.3%     £163pcm  
Management Fee      £42pcm  
Building Insurance   £10pcm  
Net Rental Income    £210pcm  
Total Investment £19,985  
Year Rental Return


Annual Profit Yield 12.6%  

YES - absolutely as the average value range of an ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS ™ property is £75K-£125K. While we mainly deal with investors who want to build a portfolio or make multiple purchases. The following is our system to help anyone.

With your finances in place a cash investment can be less than £20,000, giving you a minimum £15,000 instant equity and creating a monthly net income. This equates to a fantastic 12.6% yield now where else will you get that?

Through advertising and marketing campaigns we generate enquiries from vendors who want to sell their property quickly. This can be for various reasons incl: emigration, inheritance, divorce, equity release, financial difficulty, or simply to make sure they sell in time to secure another property that they wish to buy.

We negotiate with the vendors and a percentage will agree to sell at a discount which allows us to offer you the property at a minimum of 20% below market value.

The market value of discount properties will always be established by an independent RICS (Royal Institute Of Chartered Surveyors) valuation and you will buy the property at 20% below this valuation. A £75,000 valuation means you will buy the property for £60,000 giving you genuine 'instant equity' of £15,000.

Our sourcing fee includes 'all of your purchase costs' i.e. armchair investments include mortgage broker fees, valuation fee, legal fees and disbursements, purchase administration fees and our finders fee.

These fees normally amount to £2,500 which means our sourcing fee is actually only £2,495 and your cash investment to buy a £75,000 property is just £19,985. 

Buy to let mortgages require a 25% deposit which amounts to £15,000 plus the above fees of £4,985 - making a total of £19,985.

 With property offerings being in the £50K to £150K valuation range your total cash investment to purchase will start from just £14,985 to a maximum of £34,985. Your total investment on property valued below £75K will be proportionately less and on property over £75K proportionately more.

With mortgage rate of (4.35%) a £60,000 mortgage on a £75,000 property would cost £163pcm with a rental return of £425pcm.  Set aside £50pcm for property insurance and management fees, your net rental income would be £212pcm or £2,520pa. Thats a 12.6% annual return on your initial investment. You now have a £262pcm income, £15,000 in equity and you are on your way to building a property portfolio!

Fees returned in full on all completed joint venture projects. No up front fees for accredited investment partners.
Also 50/50 Joint Venture Partners enjoy first-choice properties and deeper discounts plus a 50% share of all profits.

More than 100,000 Britons have become "property millionaires" in the last decade,
despite the impact of the recession on the UK housing market over recent years. - Santander Mortgages.

Are Your Property Prices Really 'Below Market Value'?

below market value property investmentsYES they are, this is our business, we are refurbishment experts, developers and property investors and shrewd property investors never pay full market value for a property.

As an ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™ investor you are guaranteed that every property you buy will be a genuine minimum of 20% below a current open market RICS valuation.  With an Armchair Investments property valuation range of £50K to £150K that means you can get a minimum 'instant equity' of £10,000 to £30,000 on every property in your portfolio.

A word of caution however, and this applies 'no matter who you choose' to source your below market value property deals. It is 'absolutely essential' that you as an investor know exactly how the 'market value' has been calculated.

We are particularly vocal on this issue, because as many investors have unfortunately found to their cost ... the 'market value' placed on a property by a selling company is often not the true current market value, the team at armchair investments operate within a strict BMV policy.

Many investors have been lured into buying 'below market value' (bmv) property with promises of large 'instant equity' and in many cases this has turned out to be far from a reality. Got Property Investment A Question? - CLICK HERE NOW.HERE

Insist on a RICS (Royal Institute Of Chartered Surveyors) valuation as a guide of the property's current value and still compare recent sold prices of similiar properties in the area to establish whether or not any discount offered is genuine.

Property valuations that have been based on what an *estate agent selling prices for a comparable property, or worse still what the selling company has valued the property at. - Should never be relied upon.

*Never accept market values placed on a property solely by an estate agent, a developer, or even a property sourcing company, unless you know, trust or have formed a relationship with the company. The exception would be a recommended partner you are already working with. These are our guidelines and you are welcome to use them, no matter who you deal with.

ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™ are specialists in buying property at below market value prices.
That means you know from 'Day 1' exactly what your total investment will be

Your initial fee to register as an Armchair Investor is just £485.

Are There Registration Fees And Are Your Armchair Fees Fully Inclusive?

armchair property investments fees and other questions
NO REGISTRATION FEES for "JOINT VENTURES" the majority of our business.
Registration and staged fees are required however for single investments because of the amount of work that we undertake for individual clients and legal charges which are part of any property transaction. All of our properties are sourced 'to instruction' and inclusive, once you register as an Armchair investor we discuss your property investment strategy and compile a detailed list of your property requirements. You can find out about fee details here.

As a property investor, we urge you to ensure 'whichever company you deal with' that their costs are also fully-inclusive, or it could be a very costly exercise indeed.

Experienced armchair investors know the cost of buying an investment property is often more than the 'sale price', however others, mainly 'new investors' discover this too late to their cost. ALERT: before you buy any property make absolutely certain what is, and what is not included in the 'price' as there are multiple purchase costs involved when buying a property.

Our armchair investment partners do not have these concerns. We provide property in guaranteed 'ready to sell or rent' condition and any refurbishment such as new carpets, painting and even major refurbishment or repairs are carried out.
Joint Venture partners know in advance what costs are involved, rental yields and potential profits on completion or resale.

ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™ source resale properties that are directly from vendors and motivated sellers.
These bargain properties are sold to you, our clients at a minimum 20% below YOUR lenders current RICS valuation.


Armchair Investments To Launch NEW Letting Agents - BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY!

armchair property investments fees and other questions
We are currently in talks with Councils on a very exciting Public/Private sector partnership. Interested parties can request details of this unique Joint Venture business opportunity in the first instance by talking to Jim McIlroy, the concepts originator or emailing us.

*Serious investors only considered for this substantial business opportunity.

Local Housing Property Group is a unique new socially responsible brand and the West of Scotland model will be the role model for expanding the brand South of the Border and Nationally. "TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS! - CLICK HERE NOW.

ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS to launch LHPG™ to help local councils and the problem of lack of acceptable housing stock.
Changing the face of council lets, unacceptable standards of housing and shady landlords.

I Can Source Property For Myself - Why Should I Use A Company ?

Use a buying agent if your'e property investing

YES you can and experienced property investors with time available often do both.

These investors, like us, may operate their own advertising campaigns to generate enquiries from motivated sellers, or buy at auctions, or source through estate agents.

They might also buy 'ready made deals' direct from property companies.

Sourcing your own property – especially at substantial discounts – requires experience. Overcoming objections and qualifying your offers are specialist skills that can take time, effort and experience, and it involves a considerable outlay on advertising.

You also need to be organised and disciplined at auctions and ensure that you have carried out sufficient 'due-diligence' on any property you wish to bid on, you must also divorce yourself emotionally so that you do not overpay in a bidding war. Getting the best deals from estate agents is an equally competitive market place and you need to build relationships, plus be in a position to act quickly if deals are offered, or these relationships just as quickly break down.

Additionally if you deal direct with vendors you will need strong negotiating skills – just because a vendor is motivated to sell quickly does not mean that they will easily agree to a sale at a substantial discount.

SO there you have it: Some investors might have the time, the experience and the marketing funds to source property – however most will need, will prefer, and will be much better-off financially using the services of property sourcing company.

If you are considering ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS, the internet's No1 rated UK business may well be of interest to you.

The big advantage of buying investment property from us is that below market value property has already been identified and the purchase price has already been negotiated with the vendor. - The profit is built-in and the work has been done for you!

ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™ help clients realise their true potential, create wealth and lifestyle.
We act as your buying agent, we advertise, market and negotiate with vendors. - Its our 'full time job'.
ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS source, negotiate discounts, refurbish, sell, rent or manage for our cleints.

Is This A Good Time To Invest In Property?

is it a good time to invest in propertyABSOLUTELY; in every downturn, in fact in any market, there is always an opportunity. Everyone is aware of the events that have unravelled and how banks have almost brought countries to their knees since the beginning of the credit crunch in August 2007.

These events have had a massive impact on property prices and now depending on area and type of property, prices are 20%-40% down on the peak of 2007.

Many investors believe that current market conditions offer an exceptional opportunity for property investment and our specialist ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™ service can help you maximise that opportunity and minimise your investment risk.

Increasing house prices are generally the result of a readily available supply of credit and relatively low interest rates which indicate a stable or expanding economy. Falling house prices can be a consequence of over pricing but are often the result a more dynamic shift like recession, which triggers a stricter supply of credit, unemployment, or other factors which all generally indicate a less stable economy. 

Fantastic deals are to be had 'in property today' as long as you know the market and the region you are buying in. Another key factor (if you have a buy-to-let investment strategy) is understanding how rising and falling prices impact on rental yields. Whilst house price valuations can experience dramatic swings in a relatively short period of time, house rental valuations are generally not affected in the same way. Rental values DO NOT increase or decrease in line with prices.

What this means is that generally rental yields actually fly in the face of recessionary factors, they can fall during periods of rising prices and they increase during periods when prices fall. 

With base rate currently at 0.5% and deposit accounts paying less than 1% interest - more and more investors are getting into property as they understand that investing in property can give an exceptional return on cash invested whilst at the same time providing superb potential for future capital gain.

Additional 'protection' against further falls in house prices is also achieved through buying below market value – and this will be a minimum of 20% BMV if you invest through ARMCHAIR INVESTMENTS™.

Will property prices ‘boom’ again – and if so when?

   Everyone speculates on this question and the fact is even the ‘experts’ consistently get the answer wrong.  For example, prices have been up and down since 2007. They dropped considerably in 2008, they were predicted to have fallen by 15%-30% by 2009 yet rallied from around 20% down by over 4%.  Prices continued to rise for the first few months of 2010 but then dropped.  Property prices at the time of writing, September 2010 are around 14% down in real terms. So where do they go from here?

   We believe that this is a question you must ask yourself and take independent advice.  Objectives and attitude to risk differ widely from investor to investor and only you can determine whether or not it is right for you to invest in the current market.

    However like all things in life 'supply must eventually meet demand' and with the UK population forecast to rise to 70 million and new housing falling way behind the Governments requirements – The current housing shortage is becoming more acute and demand is likely to exceed supply for years to come potentially maintaining upward pressure on medium to long term house prices.

So in answer to the question, is this a good time to invest in property?
YES ANYTIME IS: no matter what the market but in our opinion there has never been a better time than NOW!

Armchair fees are paid in three stages with an initial fee of just £485 required to commence the property sourcing process.
No further fees are payable by you until you accept a property a property offered.


I Am Interested ... So What Do I Do Next?

Armchair Investments - property partners

IF you are interested in discussing our Armchair Investments in more detail, or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me personally on 07794 632750 or email me

Arrange an appointment at our place or yours and this is something I would recommend.  You can view the area and see properties that we have sourced for our current investors.

Be assured this is not a 'sales day’ we simply want to offer the opportunity to meet and ask any questions you may have. You're also welcome to bring any advisers with you.

We want to build lasting long term relationships with our partners and these visits are the start of that relationship and part of the trust building process.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have found this information of interest and I look forward to meeting you in the near future. If you would like to send this information to a fellow investor, friend, or colleague please click here.

Best Regards,

jim mcilroy signature

Jim McIlroy

Senior Partner

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